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just a heads up

this blog won’t be used for Luca anymore!

wasn’t sure whether or not I should post this in the ooc blog, but also wasn’t sure that all of you may be in that blog anyways. I will only be starting Luca over in the sense of her “appearance.” I’m crazy and always think I need enough pictures to post (especially for Luca’s personality and the way se flaunts herself) and Amanda rarely posts any, but other than that all plots are remaining.

btw since I have Luca as a photog for fest, I’m going to start having photos be posted of those that “perform” at fest and possibly hold interviews that will also be posted. Just so Luca is a bit more friendlier and gets to know every character. Anywayyyssss, thank you ok bye I love you all.

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You got to touch your eyes and crush your tears
You gotta let go, come with me

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Still cute doe

be my bae

Inna heartbeat


luca rosé.

wot do u want

I’ve spent a good hour on vine /:

Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.

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shit shawty look fine as hell lemme turn my brightness up a lil

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